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Global citizen and neo-folk singer Eli Lev is making the world a smaller place, one song at a time. Eli pens hymns for everyday enlightenment—songs that resonate because they’re heartfelt, earthy, and offer wisdom culled from self-discovery.

His latest album, All Roads East, has been featured on CBS Radio, Buzz Feed, and Paste Magazine for its blend of country, folk, Americana, soul, and pop, while being free from any specific tradition. In performance, his infectious musicality, commitment to deep grooves, and playful charisma foster an immersive experience for the audience that moves bodies and opens hearts.

“The most meaningful thing for me is being able to express what I always felt about humanity through my music. I want to bring people in, make them feel special, and break down the walls that keep us apart.”

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Lead single “Go Down” is a bluesy mixture of folk, americana and rock inspired by Lev’s constant traveling. “Go Down” in particular is inspired by a series of baptisms that he witnessed on the Jordan River. Another stand-out track is “Making Space,” riddled with impressive echoed harmonies and scattered thundering percussion. “Long Way Back To Shonto” is a country-tinged tune that impresses with lush instrumentation and crooning vocals that tell the tale of a long journey home.

- Paste Magazine

The video for “Go Down” is masterfully done. The setting is the wilderness, and a body of water plays a major role—actually, that body of water is the main character, I think. Fits nicely with the river as a symbol of life and water as a cleansing element. I’d call the song and video “thinkative,” because it does indeed set your mind on a thinking journey. When I hear music like this, I am reminded of the goldmine of talent spread across the US, and the raw creativity roaring in indie music as opposed to the cookie cutter stuff we hear so much of on the radio and TV, regardless of genre. I’d say Eli Lev and his band are definitely a group to watch. I think big things will come their way.

- Indie Art South



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