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You’ll like Eli’s music if…

You enjoy acoustic folk music | You have a big heart | You are curious about the world its stories

You like artists like Jack Johnson, Brett Dennon, Pepper, Ray LaMontagne, Avett Brothers, Fleet Foxes, Judah and the Lion

or legendary folk artists like Woody Guthrie, Don McLean, and James Taylor

See what others are saying about Eli

I love how each of Eli’s songs have a story behind them, which is very rare these days. I can listen closely to the lyrics, or just zone out to the melodies and be swept away by the soothing sounds. Rolajuwon – Phoenix, AZ

The acoustic guitar sound is what really brings me in to Eli’s music. Then the lyrics come in and set a wonderful tone as they are fueled by Eli’s unique life experience. The mix of country, folk, pop, and soul makes for a really interesting sound, and I love the natural and spiritual themes that are woven into the songs. Andrew – Rockville , MD

Eli has an amazing presence when he performs, and it’s obvious that the music he plays is very close to his heart. As a listener, that joy is palpable and immediately draws me in to his songs every time. The themes of travel, nature, and community that run through his songs give me a sense of comfort and belonging to a greater story, one that I’m happy to be part of and excited to see where the next adventure takes me! Kira – Aachen, Germany

Eli’s serenity comes straight through and rubs off on the listener. Even the songs that are a little darker or sadder, there’s a bright light in there that we can feel. Kimberley - New Haven, CT

Free from affectation, Eli’s voice is deeply soulful and incredibly honest – I immediately connected to it as a listener, and now I’m hooked. Hearing Eli sing about his travels and learning how to become comfortable in his own skin has been an inspiration to my own life and songwriting in a way I am deeply thankful. Rick - Bethesda, MD

Beyond genre and classification, Eli’s songs have a soul and groove that are indescribable. The combination of small town country charm and worldly outlook on life makes for a wonderfully balanced musical personality and every song gets me singing along! Emma – Washington, D.C.