Authentic Folk artist, ELI LEV, is excited to announce his brand new musical venture: FOLK FRIDAY.

Starting today and to be continued every Friday going forward, Eli Lev will connect with audiences through social media, delivering folk music to his fans from different venues across this great country.

All the Folk Friday Episodes are available on Eli’s YouTube Channel 

Folk Fridays will serve as an outlet for Eli to explore the folk origins of various locales and bring his own folk stylings to some of today’s biggest hit songs as well as playing classic hits of his own and others’.

For the first Folk Friday, Eli will go back to his roots to perform his original song, GO DOWN, at the very creek near where grew up.

 “I know the rocks, the fish, the frogs, the deer, so it’s full-circle for me. Starting from the place where I grew up is important for me. I think folk music is place-based. The music, that nature, and the environment one sings from is folk music.”

Be sure to connect with Eli Lev through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, to stay on top of all the Folk Friday happenings.

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ELI LEV is an American folk singer and songwriter. A searcher of truth born in Washington, D.C. yet raised by the world, he has come full circle and currently resides in the D.C. area. Eli creates inspirational music by infusing a message of unity through his heartfelt lyrics. His uplifting songs and emotionally resonant melodies captivate fans across the country as he plays to diverse crowds at venues from coast-to-coast. Stay up to date with the latest on Eli Lev news and performances at

 “When I’ve been on the road, and I can’t speak the language, I’ve always been able to play a song and suddenly everyone’s singing and dancing. There’s a connection there, and, in that instant, there is a community.”

Connect with Eli on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube with the handle: @elilevmusic